About rich.rich

I once knew a guy who was so poor all he had was money.

That guy was me. Many people want to be rich. But few people understand what it is like to be rich, much less how to live a rich and happy life.

Schools teach children reading, writing, and arithmetic, but rarely do they teach them how to handle money. Rarer still do parents teach children effectively how to handle life. Therefore, many people today cannot handle their money, emotions, and other everyday problems. It is no wonder our society is faced with epidemics of debt, drugs, and violence.

Why did I start rich.rich?

First of all, rich.rich is my personal website. I’m not selling anything here. There are no annoying ads and popups. I don’t want your email address to market you stuff.

I started rich.rich because I see too many people unhappy and struggling. They had been given poor guidance for most of their lives. I want to reach out to individuals at the very top to those who have hit rock bottom. Whoever you are, I hope my posts at rich.rich are useful and beneficial to you in your current situation.

You will find discussions on family, money, philosophy, play, relationships, and work at rich.rich. You might not initially agree with all the posts I publish, but they are honest tips and advice nonetheless. I share my thoughts and stories that will make you rich in more ways than one.

So how do you live a rich life?

I try to answer this question in every post. Let’s begin with a couple of definitions so we are all on the same page.

Everybody seems to think they know what the word “rich” means. But to fully understand what it means to be truly rich, let’s explore the pleonastic word “rich-rich.”

According to the Oxford Dictionary, Robert Copland, a 16th century poet, printer, and translator, first termed rich-rich as an adjective, “very rich; extremely rich.” Rich-rich can also be a noun, as in “a very rich person.”

It is now the 21st century. The definition of rich-rich needs to be updated for our complex modern world. Being rich-rich isn’t simply being very rich but beyond rich. You are so rich, you don’t even think about money.

This is where happiness comes in. When you are rich-rich, money is nice but not all-important. Wealth gives you options but you can create other options without it. You discover that you are more than your money. You realize that you are the source of your abundance. Therefore, even if you are penniless and sad, you are still hopeful, because you know it is only a matter of time you will be back on track.

Walk with me and read my posts regularly published here on rich.rich to learn more.

For questions or to share your idea or story, email me at info@rich.rich