What do you want your life story to be?

Many people go through life as if it is routine. But routine will put you in a lull where 20 years from now you will suddenly realize what exactly happened. Time has come and gone and there is little to show for it.

Maintaining isn’t greatness. Maintaining is actually going backwards. Getting out of your rut and exerting massive effort are requirements to make progress. There is no other option to greatness. If you don’t want to do that, that’s ok. Plenty of people are happy maintaining.

But if you want to look back on your life and say you did something great, today is the day. Now is the time. You must not accept the pattern you are so used to. You must do more. You can do more. Don’t think you cannot. Entropy is the natural course if you don’t put matters in your own hands.

You will make mistakes and you will undoubtedly fail on certain days. But not all days will be filled with mistakes and failure. Some days will shine with epiphanies and successes. Those are the times you are seeking. When you are seeking gold, you cannot expect to find it under every rock you go through. So don’t feel bad if you experience setbacks and pushback. You must soldier on. The triumphs you can muster might be few but few is more than sufficient.

Fortunately, the longer you exert effort, the easier it gets. Each small accomplishment will build upon itself. You will find with each new passing day you will have a firmer foundation. You will have more options. And when you have more options, you invariably want to choose greatness over what’s routine. Now that’s the life.