Seek substance, not the superficial

Not everything of value looks valuable.

The wealthiest person you’ll encounter is most likely someone who doesn’t look wealthy. The most powerful person you’ll ignore is most likely someone who doesn’t look powerful.

What the rich and powerful will sometimes look like is different. A telltale sign is whether the person doesn’t flinch when they see difficulty. Another one is whether he or she has many experiences in hardship. They are careful but don’t have fear.

But these signs aren’t always reliable. For example I will try my best to blend into the crowd. Unless you know me personally, you won’t ever expect it. And that’s the way I want it.

But people nonetheless try to emulate the rich and powerful. If they grow a beard, others grow a beard. If they shave their head, others shave their heads. If they wear a certain type of clothes, others will try to copy. It’s ridiculous.

Sad to say even copying behaviors will be difficult. The core substance is the character inside. I don’t describe that in great detail, sometimes even to my good friends. Probably because I don’t know it all exactly myself.

Add to all that the external variables and you have one big mess that is impossible to duplicate.

So focus on what’s inside you. Your own substance, not of others. You know yourself best. Improve your substance and ignore the facade that has little bearing on the results you’re trying to achieve. Have confidence that who you are trying to become is synonymous with obtaining what you want to have in other areas of your life.