Strength in all things

What strength is and what it isn’t.

In life you will experience tough times. They are inevitable, for the poorest person, the richest person, and every living person in-between. The problems will differ but tough times affect all people, because life is about good times as well as bad times.

So it’s unreasonable to hope for problems to never happen. Hope instead that you will be stronger than those problems.

So what exactly is strength? It’s not strutting around being mean to everyone. We all know this. But it’s also not being so strict to be stoic inappropriately in times when love, kindness, and compassion are necessary.

How do you gain strength? One good way to gain strength is when your focus is set away from yourself but toward others in tough times.

Unlike strength in animals in what they are good at — a house cat can outrun Usain Bolt — strength in humans is very much cerebral and collaborative. Your strength rests in your ability to muster the hearts and minds of others to solve the same problem.

Learn from others who have been there before. You can refine on their methods based on your own experience. Thus you can minimize your problems by trying to minimize the problems of others. That’s why trying to gather people who share in the same cause is important. Don’t worry about those who say no. You are trying to find people who say yes.