The rich aren’t a monolith

Don’t get your values from politicians.

The 2020 Presidential election is heating up, especially for the Democratic candidates. They seem to have some sort of contest on who will hurt the rich the most. Nothing like inciting a mob to forget their differences and unite them together.

First, hurting other people won’t make your situation any better. You might feel better but that’s about it.

Second, let’s not forget they’re politicians. Nobody I want to associate with wants to be President. Only meglomaniacs do.

And third, the rich aren’t all alike. Believe me, many of them are insufferable. I can’t stand them.

The rich come in all varieties. I’ll name three I can think of off-hand.

There are the little big shots. They travel first class. They own nice cars. They might even own a big house or two. They think they own the world and let you know about it through their gaudy display of wealth. I don’t consider them rich but many do.

There are the stuck ups. Usually they are rich through inheritance — the old rich. They treat people who are poorer as if they are subhuman. Some of them are racists. They are also isolated, shallow, and obviously very stupid.

Then there are the rich who are actually pleasant to be around. They treat everyone the same. Most of the time you won’t know they’re even rich. They are usually the new rich, so many of them know what it was like not being rich and being treated like dirt. These rich people earned their wealth and often go out of their way to share their wealth without much fanfare.

So when you support politicians who want to tax the rich into oblivion, be careful what you ask for. Unless the wealth was gained through illegal means, that wealth has already been taxed, sometimes twice (e.g., dividends through corporations). Only those who pay taxes above board will be harmed, not the ones who circumvent the system.

Like how not all poor people are the same, or not all middle class people are the same, so too not all rich people are the same. There are good ones and there are bad ones. Yes, fight against corruption and criminal activity, but automatically lumping the rich among them is wrong.