Caution: Problems Ahead

Life has a series of problems, no matter how rich you are.

Let’s get this straight. Just because you have money doesn’t mean your problems go away. You simply have different problems.

Life is full of problems. If you feel like everything is going perfect — guess what — more problems are heading your way. That’s only a lull. Expect problems. Like good times, bad times are also a part of life. Don’t get comfortable. Don’t get soft. Certainly don’t become arrogant. Focus on what you can control. Be prepared. Be ready.

I really like this philosophy: ask not for no problems but for the strength to overcome them. If Heracles had no problems, Heracles wouldn’t be so impressive. There would be no great stories. But since Heracles had to go through many difficult tests, he was able to prove his mettle. As readers, we expect Heracles to encounter problems and we are confident our great Heracles would overcome them.

So when you yourself are facing problems, remember Heracles. Apply his courage to your approach. Face problems and figure them out strategically. Don’t ignore them. Have the confidence to continue on. Tomorrow will bring changes which might prove beneficial. The more chances you have to see and learn, the more chances you will have to succeed.

What might seem impossible today will seem rather inevitable tomorrow. But you won’t know that if you give up now. You can do it! As the great philosopher Cyndi Lauper once said, “Until it ends, there is no end.”