Sleep is underrated

Try getting more sleep. It will be an eye-opener.

Our current culture must change. People who sleep a lot, such as teenagers, are often portrayed as lazy. This is not right. People who have adequate sleep are almost always more productive than people who are sleep deprived. Those with enough sleep are more alert and thus make better decisions faster.

Countless people try to short-circuit this by drinking coffee. That’s why Starbucks is part of our culture as if it’s normal. It’s not normal to circumvent what our body was designed for and incur a financial expense for it.

If you feel you need to stay awake trying to work hard but if that cuts into your sleep time, you will feel tired the next morning. You aren’t doing yourself any favors. Any amount of time you think you are saving will be lost the next day in poor concentration and feeling sluggish all day long. Strangely enough, because you are so tired you feel lazy and don’t want to do anything. That’s not working hard at all.

When you are about to run out of gas, you don’t continue driving but stop by a gas station to fill up. Spending the time to fill up is necessary to give you more time to drive.

Therefore, think of sleep as an investment. Every minute of sleep pays back multi-fold. It will save you time because you will have more energy to think and act with more speed. You will save money because you will buy less coffee. You will also make fewer mistakes, which prevents you from wasting time and money fixing those mistakes.

So don’t make the mistake of skipping out on your sleep. Work hard to get some sleep tonight.