Why Duke basketball is likable this year

Zion Williamson is the only reason why I watch Duke basketball.

I won’t pretend to be a huge college basketball fan. But as a Vanderbilt graduate witnessing my alma mater’s worst season ever this year, I can say this year I am rooting for Duke because of one player: Zion Williamson.

Check out the video below of Williamson’s top 10 plays this NCAA basketball season compiled by ESPN. It includes a great steal followed by a spectacular 360 dunk:

I won’t also pretend to be a big basketball fan either. The NBA’s big egos and tattoos turn me off.

So it’s refreshing to see an outstanding athlete like Zion Williamson play with such unbound joy, energy, and enthusiasm — and with the talent to match. His uniform number is 1. How appropriate. Williamson is certainly #1 in my book.

I will be rooting for this young man throughout his career, no matter what happens. And yes, I will even root for Duke basketball in order to do so.