One rule to always remember when parenting

Raising children isn’t difficult. Behaving yourself is difficult.

There seems to be two major types of parents. One type are selfish and neglect their children. The other type is super concerned and read massive amounts of books to ensure they are doing the right thing.

Obviously I rather be the latter parent than the former. But it doesn’t need to be so complicated. Here’s the one rule to follow if you forget everything else: be an example for your kids.

That’s right. Whatever traits or behaviors you like your children to adopt now and when they grow up, show them the traits and behaviors in yourself. They might not catch on immediately, perhaps even years later, but catch on they will.

Conversely, if you have bad habits, don’t be surprised your kids eventually will have them, too, especially if they look up to you. Since they are young, they don’t realize you are successful despite those bad habits not because of them. So be careful.

Not only will this approach help your children but it will help you as well.