Anger is a habit

Being angry indicates weakness and a lack of awareness.

I used to be angry all the time. From little problems to big problems I was upset. I lashed out at others and complained about almost everything. There was no doubt I was quite insufferable.

Then one day I somehow realized it wasn’t really about the situations that made me angry. Being angry was simply a big bad nasty habit! From childhood on, I had the habit of being mad over things that were quite frequent and ordinary. So I made up my mind to stop my habit immediately.

It wasn’t easy at first. I often caught myself slipping back. But I never gave up on delaying my reaction. I became more self-aware of what was happening when my emotions started to heat up. Nobody told or taught me how to stamp out anger. I had to figure it out by myself.

Like most habits, people can’t see how bad they look. If they were to observe the same sort of anger from someone else, they would be appalled — yet they can’t seem to visualize the same about themselves.

Of the countless times I got angry, there wasn’t one time I feel it was beneficial. All anger did was make me lose control and hurt others. I didn’t understand until later that I can still solve problems without blowing up. I can still communicate to others without screaming at them.

In fact I became more effective resolving issues calmly. When I became less upset and solving my problems quickly, I suddenly became happier and more empowered. The power of anger cannot be underestimated but it is really weak when you realize it is an emotion based on weakness. Be strong and crush it like I did.