Work smarter by working harder

Shortcuts are overrated.

“You can’t work three hours a week and make $100,000. Get rich quick doesn’t work. Crock pot mentality always defeats microwave mentality!” Dave Ramsey

There are popular books written on how to hack the system and skate by life. They make claims, for example, that by working just a few hours a week using their methods, you will have it made. The real world doesn’t work that way. They are only fooling themselves and those who buy into their dubious advice. They think they are being clever but they are actually being lazy and dishonest.

Such people are trying too hard to make things easy. The first thing they tend to seek is a shortcut. Don’t be like them. Anything worthwhile is going to be difficult. It might be boring and tedious, on top of appearing to be impossible. But that’s the whole reason why only a few people are successful. Anybody who tells you the path to a great accomplishment is easy is either forgetful or lying. The path can be weird, meandering, or even fun, but never easy.

Do this instead. Decide what you want to accomplish and work hard to get there. Don’t worry about which way is easiest but start and keep on moving. You will probably make many mistakes, be rejected by many people, and look dumb many times. It’s hard work! But in the middle of your toil, you will see things you didn’t expect. This is when you will discover ways to work smarter. But without working hard and understanding the full intricate landscape, trying to work smarter wouldn’t be smart at all.

The best people who can break the rules are the people who have diligently followed the rules and fully understand the rules. They know after much effort and error what works and what doesn’t. They are experienced enough to know when to follow the rules and be effective, and when to break the rules and still be effective.

Besides, succeeding after much struggle makes for good story telling. If everything were easy from start to finish with the perfect hack or shortcut, that would be unimpressive. It’s like a bad movie where the hero is always right. It’s like you inputting a game cheat code and finishing the game without any effort. But in real life we know heroes aren’t always right and there are no cheat codes. Things in life will be tough. Things in life will be unfair. But to have the moxie to overcome despite the disadvantages is what makes the person and the accomplishment worth emulating and learning from.