Does God exist?

The difference between God and some people is God doesn’t think he is a person.

Whether God exists is an easy question to answer. It really doesn’t matter how a source came to be because an existence has been confirmed. That existence is us. We are clear evidence. To believe something existing without an origin or a connected past is illogical.

And on whether we will continue to exist when we die, I turn to probability. Nobody knows for sure what happens when we die. But we do know we exist now. Throughout all of the infinitely wide timeline spectrum of the universe, we somehow exist within this extremely thin sliver of time and space in the present. How unlikely is that? I’m not that lucky, even with my lucky coin. Thus there is a higher chance we will continue to exist albeit in a different form than not existing at all in the future.

God might not be a Bible God. God might neither be a loving nor a jealous God. But he seems rather indifferent even in the countless number of deaths every day. That indifference might be more akin to brushing teeth — no big deal — than an act of animosity. This aligns with nature since it doesn’t seem to view death as an evil or a moral issue — as in a killer whale nonchalantly gobbling up a seal. So it’s plausible nature thinks either a death can be easily undone or a death isn’t really a death as we understand it to be.

Nonetheless, for the time being we are captives of our fleshly bodies. Some of us allow our body to control us instead of controlling it. What makes a superior human being isn’t our physical strength but our mental strength. Let us all use, value, and rely much more on our strength and not on our weaker peripheries.

By developing your strength you come closer to the source. And when you are sufficiently close, it would be irrational to deny its existence.