My lucky coin

It’s not superstition if it works.

Scrooge McDuck has his luck dime. I have a lucky coin as well. It’s a 1899 $20 Liberty gold coin, otherwise known as a double eagle. I have it in my pocket almost all of the time.

The reason why it’s called a double eagle is because before 1850 the largest denomination of a US coin was $10. This $10 gold coin was called the $10 eagle. In 1850 the $20 denomination became the largest. Since the $20 gold coin had twice as much gold as the $10 eagle, it was called the double eagle.

My 1899 double eagle was a gift. And ever since I owned it, good things have been happening and bad things seem to go away. Call me superstitious (or hard working and careful about planning things out) but I’m not going to question it too much!

Another reason why I like my lucky coin is Lady Liberty on the coin. Designed by James B. Longacre, she looks perfect. I’m not a big fan of the other double eagle renditions of Lady Liberty after 1907.

Of course I would never exchange my lucky coin for anything, but if I must, my double eagle is worth more than the face value of $20. The face value of $20 back in 1899 is worth much more than $20 now. Its gold content of almost one ounce alone is valued at $1255 based on today’s gold market price. The gold has helped the coin keep up with inflation. That is why I advise most people to put their long-term money in gold instead of keeping their money in a bank account.

Scrooge McDuck’s lucky dime is priceless because it was his first dime. My lucky 1899 coin is my favorite because it was my first gold coin. Being sentimental isn’t irrational. It is very much human and a more redeeming trait of human beings.