The most important person in a man’s life

A marriage is a promise. Keep it.

Since I am a man, I won’t pretend to know how a woman would feel about a marriage. I can only talk about marriage from a man’s perspective and what I know first-hand. Having said that, a married man must treat his wife like she is the most important person in his life. That’s because she is.

I love my children but when it comes to my wife, she has my support always. When you treat your spouse well, it teaches children how they need to act when they are adults.

By default, pick your spouse over friends, parents, business partners, etc. She is, after all, your life partner. She and you are one.

As such, fidelity in a marriage must be upheld. This vow was made when I married her. If I cannot uphold my promise then the marriage is a sham.

There are men who feel it is ok to have a mistress or even mistresses, but I vehemently disagree. If they are willing to cheat on their wives, they are willing to cheat on you. In fact, I would never do business with them. If they want to fool around then they need to stop fooling their wives by telling them what they engage in. Of course they don’t have the balls. They are weak and lack self-discipline and self-control. Why would I associate myself with these shady and miserable characters?

When you have a warm experience with your spouse, nothing can ruin your day. But when you have an argument with her, people will inevitably feel your wrath. The poor souls think you are mean for no reason. That is how much of an impact a marriage has on your day and life.

Therefore, go out of your way to promote a pleasant marriage as much as possible. When you spend so much time and energy on your work, it would be wise to invest a sizable amount of that time and energy on your marriage that has such an influence on your well-being and happiness.