Be your own person

Don’t be a copy. Be an original and shine brighter.

I find it rather sad to see desperate young people fanatically follow individuals who are successful in the hopes that they will be successful, too. Believe me, many of these individuals aren’t who they seem to be. There are plenty of PR and marketing involved to prop up their reputation. The bigger they are, the more likely this to be the case.

What’s even sadder is to see too many rich and famous individuals take advantage of the very people who admire them. Leveraging their status, they manipulate others so they can make more money. Instead of using their fame and wealth to make the lives of fans better, they enrich themselves.

So feel free to listen and learn, but don’t take everything in as gospel. Besides, why be a mere copy of someone else? You will always be behind. Be different and forge your own path. Be your own person and you might find yourself in the lead.

In other words, your circumstances are very different from the person you’re trying to emulate. Even if his or her advice is good, how likely will you be better than the adviser? I have many advisers but that doesn’t mean they’re better than I am.

Granted I do give advice at But you must always think for yourself. If I say something that doesn’t apply in your situation, ignore it. My hope is to give you inspiration to spring something even greater. Ultimately there is no difference between my situation and me and your situation and you. The overall approach is key.