The virtue of success in a relationship

Be a source of pride for your partner.

You heard the expression that behind every successful man there is a woman. We all intuitively understand why. However, you probably haven’t heard of another reason why: because no woman would get behind an unsuccessful man.

Archie Manning, the father of Peyton Manning and Eli Manning, once told me the best way to make parents and the community show up to the local football games is to start winning games. Winning is attractive to people and has a special way of uniting everyone together.

So people in general want to get behind a winner. Why would anybody want to follow someone who is ineffective? He or she will get you nowhere or in trouble. But when a person is effective, he or she is worth following. You will likely reap benefits from that connection.

Therefore, one of the best ways to ensure your relationship lasts is to produce tangible results for the benefit of your partner. If you’re not useful and contributing to your relationship, what is the point of that relationship? You can be the most handsome guy in town but you will become annoying over time in her eyes if there is little more than your superficial looks.

Occasionally you will fail due to bad luck. The bad luck wasn’t your fault. But don’t ever use that as an excuse for your failure. Your partner will say she understands but that doesn’t mean she thinks more highly of you for it. Put that failure behind you quickly and exert all your focus and energy into getting back on track again.

Constantly remind her through your actions the worthwhile reasons why she decided to be with you in the first place. And first place is where you must be.