Helicopter is the way to travel

Private jets are for the workers.

I don’t always fly, but when I do, I prefer calling up my pilot Nigel and taking the helicopter.

I want a bite at a restaurant 100 miles away. I can take the private jet which would be a very bad idea because I would merely be traveling from one airport to the next. There’s extra driving time involved since it’s not a straight shot.

That problem is solved with my helicopter. As long as I call the restaurant ahead of time, I’m going to land right there on their parking lot. That’s right. No valet necessary.

If later that night I decide to stay at a hotel on the other side of the city, we call ahead and Nigel lands me anywhere there’s an open area at the hotel. We leave the helicopter parked there overnight.

A Ferrari gets people’s attention. But there is no comparison when I’m arriving in a Sikorsky S-76D helicopter.

It’s true I can’t go as far on my helicopter as on a plane. Who cares. I don’t go to people. They go to me. The only person who I’d travel to the other coast for is Mom.

For $17 million you can get a decent new helicopter. Annual maintenance cost is $2 million, crew included.