Clipping two pieces of paper done right

An office emergency was resolved today.

Earlier today I was trying to find a paper clip. Couldn’t find one, not even under my sofa. It looked like I ran out.

So I headed to my favorite local office supply store called Tiffany. Unfortunately they only sell one paper clip at a time at $1500 per paper clip. This won’t do. I need to fill a whole box of 100 to prevent my running out of paper clips again for at least another month.

Just adjust the quantity to 100 on the website’s cart, right? If it was that easy. The highest quantity I can adjust to at a time was 25. How frustrating! Now I have to order four times to get 100 paper clips to fill up my paper clip box.

The total cost including taxes came out to $163,350. But it was free shipping, so I’m cool with that. Attaching two pieces of paper should be easier from now on.