Why greed is low-class

Greed isn’t good. It’s downright embarrassing.

They demand. They push and shove. They impose themselves with utter disregard for others. Such behavior isn’t unusual in children. But while it’s a cute trait in children, we look with disgust when grown adults behave the same way.

Those who are lacking act showy, desperate, and greedy — all common faux pas. With no shame, they take a disproportionate share of the pie while leaving little for the rest. They look ignoble, even immoral. They focus on short-term gains because they are shallow people who cannot sustain long-term relationships.

Some, in fact, are rich financially but they act poor. Ironically, they look upon the poor with disdain and mistreat people who are weak and helpless. They are low-class in more ways than one. That’s why there’s the popular saying, “You can’t buy class.”

Those who have abundance and a strong foundation act with a calm confidence. Dangle gains before the rich-rich and they don’t take the bait because they know what is real and what is fake, what is good and what is wrong.

The rich-rich give and share, often anonymously, because they know there is more where all that came from. Take all their material possessions and they can quickly bounce back over and over again. Hence, why be greedy when there is so much abundance available before you? Being rich-rich is simply a natural result of right living.