Why many people cannot be rich-rich

Why the misconception of being rich is holding people back.

It’s so common I’m sick of hearing it. People think they want to be rich because they want to live comfortably and in luxury.

That’s not how it works.

Unless your wealth was from your inheritance, being rich is rarely about comfort but about challenge. Being rich-rich, you certainly need challenges, like fish needing water. There are few things I loath more than sitting on my duff doing absolutely nothing.

What motivates me and drives me is my work. My work is the reason why I live.

What would become of Hercules if he sat around doing nothing? He wouldn’t be Hercules! It is the overcoming of difficult problems that defines a person’s life, not the times when things were easy.

Now there is nothing wrong with resting occasionally but that’s not what I long for and why I exist. I am here to do a certain number of things in the world before I pass away. None of those things involve living in comfort and luxury.