Fountain pens are the tools of the rich-rich

You cannot be rich-rich without a fountain pen.

In the 19th century, fountain pens were high technology. In a time when people had to continually dip their pen into ink to write, how amazing it must have been to be able to continue writing nonstop all thanks to the fountain pen.

Alas, in the 21st century, fountain pens are still high technology, because most writing instruments we have now either strain our hands or contribute to landfills. Ballpoint pens put such a strain on hands that they single-handedly caused a drop in handwriting in the last 50 years. Disposable pens are wasteful and ungreen, especially since they could have easily been made to be refillable.

Leave it to the fountain pen to allow the writing hand to glide through a piece of paper effortlessly. Leave it to the fountain pen to remind everyone that you don’t have to throw away the entire pen every time it runs out of ink.

Frankly, fountain pens are so rare that writing with one separates you from the crowd. It shows you care about what you write because you care about what you write with. It adds a touch of class, something our current society often lacks.

Therefore, although owning a fountain pen doesn’t make you rich-rich, you cannot be rich-rich if you don’t own a fountain pen.