The rich-rich are idiots

Sometimes you have to be dumb to be smart.

I don’t care how ignorant you are, almost nobody wants to consider him or herself an idiot — except for the rich-rich.

What was the first step a pro had to take to become a pro? The first step was to be a total newbie. Pros are pros because they looked like idiots starting out yet continued on.

In fact, all of us started as idiots. As babies, we couldn’t walk, talk, or eat. That’s because we were trying to learn new things. Nobody considers babies idiots. Why is it then any different when as adults we learn something new?

Even on a subject we spend plenty of time on we can learn something new. If you’re not, how are you getting better every day? Thus, the more times you keep on learning new things, the more times you would look like an idiot.

It’s not only new things that make us look dumb. We all make mistakes. Sometimes we have major screw ups. Even in situations we should know better. But here we are knee deep in trouble. We look like idiots.

However if we learn from our mistakes in life, we are making the most out of our tough experiences instead of feeling discouraged and refusing to go on. Hang in there. Focus on your next step. Then do it.

Frankly the rich-rich don’t care what other people call them, because they know their true worth. They aren’t dependent on the opinions or validation of others.

There are few things more impressive to hear than great individuals with gravitas calling themselves idiots. Their trustworthiness doesn’t decline but increases in our eyes.

Therefore, smart people are idiots. Some happen to also be rich-rich.