Why the vast majority of the rich can never be rich-rich

Being rich is no guarantee you’re rich-rich.

See that lost old man in the photo? He’s Robert Kraft. He owns a team, the New England Patriots, that just won the Super Bowl, the most watched sports event in the world. He has fame and he has wealth. But yesterday he was charged by the Jupiter Police Department for soliciting sex at a massage parlor.

In reality, Kraft is merely among the long list of nobodies with the same problem:

Robert Kraft should be happy. He should feel he has everything. He should feel grateful for the things he has in life. But he’s not.

I don’t blame Kraft chasing happiness while still being rich. Like the long list above illustrates, he’s not alone.

For example, his wealth isn’t anywhere close to Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon. Bezos is the richest man in the world. Bezos also wrecked his family and the family of his mistress trying to be happy. There were devoted spouses and children involved whose lives will be forever changed.

The problem with Kraft and Bezos, ironically, is their vast wealth. They have options and chose ones that were detrimental to those around them. If they focused on better options, they will understand that their vast wealth can bring much happiness to many people, and more importantly, to their own happiness.

Don’t get me wrong. Being poor isn’t necessarily any better. The virtuous poor is largely a myth. If they have the same options as Kraft and Bezos do, who’s to say they’d do things differently?

So the power behind being rich-rich is the power of self-discipline and self-control. It is an attribute that is severely underappreciated in the modern world. But it is the secret behind all truly great individuals since the beginning of recorded history. They refuse to allow other things and people to control them — they controlled their own actions and thus their own destinies.

Therefore, being merely rich is no guarantee you are rich-rich, the mindset and behavior of being so rich that you are beyond rich. If nobody cares about you if you are penniless, you are nothing more than money, which can be lost. That’s why there are plenty of rich people who are lost.