Empathy is the friend of the rich-rich

Guess the young person in the portrait.

If conformity is the enemy of the rich-rich, empathy is their friend.

One of my pet peeves is adults expecting young people to act mature, especially since those same adults are often less mature than the young people they criticize.

Older people forget how they themselves were when they were young. They lack wisdom. They lack patience. They lack empathy.

The rich can afford to be ignorant and impatient. But the rich-rich can afford to be empathetic.

The rich-rich have so abundance that they can think beyond themselves. Ironically, they remember what it was like when they first started out, how difficult it was to endure all the rejection, how much they worked for even meager progress.

Of course they understand how selfish and ruthless human nature can be but have the gravitas to counter that behavior. They can change the narrative of the room and the trajectory of events simply by being there.

And just when you have lost faith in the world, a rich-rich proves you wrong.

By the way, the young person pictured is young Teddy Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States.