Bright lights not necessary

Why more than 15 minutes of fame are more than enough for the rich-rich.

“A good commander is benevolent and unconcerned with fame.” Sun Tzu

I know a good number of exceptional people. But I don’t promote myself or name drop here. For, I want its content to promote itself.

Thus, will stand on its own, just like what I’m trying to develop in myself and the readers of our website.

The growth might be slow, but with hard work and a little bit of luck, grow is what will do. And to me that growth means something, that it is built on substance, and standing on a strong foundation.

I believe wealth, power, and fame can be ephemeral, primarily due to the lack of truth in their portrayal. Let me explain by telling you a secret.

Do you know why some celebrities and super wealthy people (not necessarily rich-rich) are so mean to people? Because it is actually irritating to cater to adoring fans. They are sometimes demanding and needy. Even after as few as a hundred times signing your name over and over again, you get numb. Multiply that by thousands of people, pretty soon it gets on your nerves.

Besides, anybody can have his or her 15 minutes of whining and angry outburst. The only difference is he or she isn’t being recorded when that happens. It’s like posting a video of one of the worst moments of your life and people judging your entire character based on that video. Neither fair nor accurate.

What complicates matters even more are the PR efforts involved. One time when I read in a major business publication about a spat between two billionaires, I said to one of them in private that I didn’t know there was a spat between you two. He said to me don’t worry there isn’t one. It’s all marketing.

So don’t always believe what you read in the media. Often they are far from reality and the full situation. You would definitely know this if you were ever written about. A mass publication’s main objective is to sell interesting stories, not to ensure all the facts line up. Facts can complicate a clear storyline.

The Bible (I’m not religious, just a reader of it) urges all of us to be a light in the world. To me this applies to the rich-rich. Even if kept under cover, the rich-rich can still shine bright such that no one can deny it.

Therefore, the rich-rich don’t need the bright lights. They shine just fine on their own, especially for those seeking guidance from that light.