Would you bet on yourself?

You bet on other things and people all the time. Why not you?

“If there is one thing I’m willing to bet on, it’s myself.” Beyonc√©

All the coaxing and motivation won’t add up to a hill of beans if you aren’t winning. When you win, you tend to continue winning. More people want to know you. Your competitors want to copy you. You get more yeses. It’s a benevolent cycle.

Look at a company stock that has a sudden good quarter and somehow it does better for at least the next nine months. There’s no mystery here. Recent performance numbers are always compared to the prior year’s performance numbers. The stock will likely go up every quarter for at least the next three quarters.

Likewise, the rich-rich know they can win in the future because they have won in the past. There aren’t any guarantees in life but one concept you can take to the bank is the best predictor of future actions are past actions.

Besides, winning isn’t a matter of luck, at least not sustainably. It can be reliably achieved with planning and strategy, which don’t even require talent as much as time and effort.

Thus you do not bet against the rich-rich. Why? Because they bet on themselves. Losing isn’t a possibility because they don’t go into any endeavor if there is a chance of losing.

So I ask you. Would you bet on yourself? If you hesitate answering this question, reconsider your approach.

You bet on things and other people all the time. Look at who you admire, what you buy, and what you spend time on. It would be a waste if you don’t also bet on you.

If you can step back and are willing to invest in yourself and have the complete belief you will accomplish your goal no matter what, you are already thinking like a rich-rich.

You certainly wouldn’t bet against yourself. And you would feel sorry for anyone who does.