The rich-rich don’t do conformity

Why conformity is the enemy of the rich-rich.

“I will tell you the secret to getting rich on Wall Street. You try to be greedy when others are fearful. And you try to be fearful when others are greedy.” Warren Buffett

The rich-rich aren’t outstanding for no reason. They are different. So to say rich-rich people don’t conform is rather redundant.

What isn’t redundant is the idea that being safe is actually dangerous. It is dangerous because you are at the mercy of others. You simply follow others but where are you going? You don’t know and that’s a problem.

The rich-rich want to control their own destiny. Even if they end up failing at least they had a hand in that failure. After all, it’s not that failure doesn’t happen at the hands of others.

Now agreeing with people by sound reasoning isn’t the same as conformity. Conformity is merely following the path of least resistance. Conformity is taking the easiest way, regardless if it was determined to be right or not.

For instance, following the crowd is easy. Whether or not they are going the way where you want to go is yet to be determined. And if you are miserable in this crowd, you may want to break away to see what happens.

One way to break away from the crowd is to be different. Find a way to be different. Sometimes, when and where appropriate, do the exact opposite of what the competition is doing.

Doing the opposite of the norm might sound outrageous. But not to the rich-rich. Recently I was talking to an individual who pays more property taxes than anyone in the county. He owns much land and many buildings. He said to me 95 percent of the population are too scared to take a risk.

I can empathize. It feels safe to conform. Of course how you feel doesn’t always reflect reality. For example, it doesn’t give me comfort knowing others are making the same mistake I am making, because consolation doesn’t truly help my own situation.

Think for yourself. Think critically. Check and double check to make sure what you are doing makes sense. Follow logic, not the crowd. Do the right things, even when you are criticized by the ignorant. This approach will save you and those you care about much grief and regret.

The rich might be fearful and greedy to the point they don’t care about others. But the rich-rich have so much strength and abundance that they logically decide to care.